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From papa nagy <>
Subject setting and reading generator parameters
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:42:21 GMT
i am writing a functioning XQueryGenerator for cocoon 2.2 and
exist-db. for this i registered the generator with type="xquery", and
is working quite well.

my problem is that although i can specify the collection in the
pipeline section but i would like to specify a default value in the
map:components section, preferably in the same way as
"use-request-parameters" for the transformers. here in the
TraxTransformer there is a "conf" passed to the "configure" method
with these parameters specified. How can I make it work with a

thanks a lot

in the map:components
     <map:generators default="file">
           <map:generator name="xquery"
    <map:transformers default="xslt">
			<map:transformer name="xslt-with-parameters"

and using it with:
           <map:match pattern="stat">
              <map:generate src="xquery/stat.xq" type="xquery">
				<map:parameter name="collection"
			  <map:transform src="static/stat_to_html.xslt"/>
              <map:serialize encoding="UTF-8" type="html"/>

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