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From Johan Cwiklinski <>
Subject i18n cookies storing path
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 08:03:43 GMT

I'm currently working on i18n for our apps. I've put on the pages a
simple form with a select element for useres to change language
themselves, sending à 'locale' attribute in the URL.

Doing that, I had to enable language storage in a session
(store-in-session and create-session true) or in a cookie
(store-in-cookie true).

Using session storage makes things work well, but I'm unsure creating a
session only for a language is really needed, I guess that is more
costly than a simple cookie.

Using cookies does not work as I've excpected, since cookies stores
paths : I've a cokkie for '/myapp/' and another one for
'/myapp/functions/'. Both these path require i18n, but since there is
two different cookies, only one gets changed :(

We use cocoon 2.1.10 ; but it does not seems there are changes in the
relevant classes in 2.1.11.

So, my questions:
- is using a session so costly when it's no really needed? Some parts of
our app already require a session ; but others don't (static pages for
- is there a way to make cookies not to store paths? I've not see how in
the doc or in the code :/

Thank you.


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