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From Robin Taylor <>
Subject Cocoon caching with multiple pipelines
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2011 11:02:59 GMT

I am a newbie to this list so please forgive me if my question betrays
an ignorance of Cocoon. I am trying to understand a caching problem I am

I have 2 pipelines each made up of cacheable components. Cocoon spots
that the SourceValidity object for a Transformer in the first pipeline
has changed and so regenerates the output from that point onwards in the
pipeline. The second pipeline uses the output from the first pipeline as
its input, does the second pipeline know that the first pipeline
regenerated its output ? Is it possible that Cocoon could reuse the
cached output from the first component in the second pipeline (a
Transformer) rather than run the Transformer using the regenerated
input ?      

Cheers, Robin Taylor.

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