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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject Cocoon3, JSON, Spring
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 19:30:59 GMT
Hi All,

I have two questions:

I want to be to be able to return JSON to the client, typically a 
browser. The client is responsible to properly present the response to 
the user, typically with the Dojotoolkit. As I would like to move to 
cocoon3, I was looking for a JsonSerializer or a simple TextSerializer.

With cocoon 2.2, one can simply use the TextSerializer to return JSON, 
by defining

<map:serializer name="json" mime-type="application/json; charset=UTF-8"

Cocoon 3 apparently is restricted to only return XML/HTML [1], as far as 
I can see. I did not find in the API any mentioning of other types of 
serializers, besides XMLSerializer and FopSerializer.

If so, this would be a limitation. Especially for designing RIAs [2] 
(like Twitter), it would be very useful to be able to return JSON.

So, is there a particular way to return JSON or Text.

With flowscript in cocoon 2.2, it was very easy to instantiate a Java 
bean defined in some appropriate Spring bean configuration file, like

var someFacade = cocoon.getComponent("someFacade");

Is there a recommended way in Cocoon 3 to instantiate beans. One could do

ApplicationContext context =
   new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext( new String[] 
SomeFacade facade = (SomeFacade)context.getBean("someFacade");

within a JAX-RS resource [3].

So, is this way to do instantiate beans?



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