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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject cocoon 3: Javascript in jars
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 09:41:38 GMT

with cocoon 2.2 one can read javascript resources residing in separate 
jars like:

<map:match pattern="dojoroot/**">
   <map:read src="resource://dojoroot/{1}" />

(the above is for loading javascript from the dojotoolkit. I made a 
separate maven project for Dojo, and make a cocoon-based project 
depending on it. I have different maven projects for different versions 
of Dojo.)

It seems that cocoon 3 is currently not supporting the resource 
protocol? A solution would be to physically have all the Dojo javascript 
located in a subdirectory dojoroot (for example), and in the sitemap 
have something like

<map:match pattern="dojoroot/**">
   <map:read src="dojoroot/{1}" mime-type="text/javascript"/>

(as in the example web application)

However, this is inconvenient, as one would need to copy dojo to a 
subdirectory for each project that requires dojo. The maven way is much 
more easier and certainly more elegant, as all projects requiring dojo 
are updated automatically.

My question is now: If there is no resource protocol, how can one 
achieve the above?


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