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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject cocoon3 : apache 2 -> jetty-1.6.7
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:58:45 GMT

not sure whether this is a bug or not. I have deployed an cocoon3 based 
application (termed 'tct'). Everything works fine. I have "only" one 
final problem to solve.

To get it working with Apache 2, I usually use

   ProxyPass /tct http://localhost:8888/app3/tct
   ProxyPassReverse /tct http://localhost:8888/app3/tct

to forward the request to the servlet engine.

Without exception this has worked extremely well with Cocoon 2 based 

I do exactly the same thing now with cocoon 3.


218748 [btpool0-498] INFO org.apache.cocoon.servlet.RequestProcessor - 
Going to send GET response: mimeType=null, contentLength=1706, 
statusCode=200, lastModified=1316640662000


324989 [btpool0-4] INFO org.apache.cocoon.servlet.RequestProcessor - 
Going to send GET response: mimeType=application/json; charset=UTF-8, 
contentLength=5263, statusCode=200, lastModified=-1

Note  mimeType=null  in the first case. Thus the request reaches 
cocoon3, but somewhere the mimeType is set to null, or, when its value 
is requested, the mimeType returns null.

Bug? Or just my fold (I suspect the JsonSerializer [1])



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