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From Des Magner <>
Subject Re: Adding my Java code to flowscript
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2011 11:15:30 GMT

For those of you in need of an answer, I recently revisited this problem and
found out what the issue was. I debugged the CompilingClassLoader class
behaviour and eventually found that it was not working due to a conflict in the
libraries shipped with cocoon (version 2.1.11, the stable release). The problem
occurs when it tries to compile your java code using an instance of the eclipse
JavaCompilerImpl. There was an exception being thrown from within the call to
compile but this exception is never displayed in the logging nor on the console.
The eclipse JavaCompilerImpl instantiates a NamedEnvironmentAnswer object from
the jdt. However, it is expecting only one parameter in the constructor,
IBinaryType. But the constructor defined in the jdt jar that was shipped
contains an extra parameter of type AccessRestriction. Because of this there was
a NoSuchMethodException thrown. So I downloaded an older version of the jdt jar,
replaced it and the exception went away. So in summary you need to replace the
jdtcore-3.1.0.jar with jdt-3.0.2 jar in the cocoon installation.


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