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From Marzia Forli <>
Subject Cocoon3 newbie help
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2011 22:08:30 GMT
I am a xml processing newbie, who have to read-transform-write some pretty big xml files, and
in my journey to the jaxp land I stumbled upon this wonderful library... Here I ask for some
kind advice regarding the my problem. For my case let's imagine that we have a pretty big
pom.xml and I would have to do the following:
1) if under the tag 'repositories/repository/name' in the body is present string 'snapshots'
then rewrite the 'url' element stripping out the tags and make it uppercase...
2) given the dependencies/dependency/groupId element if there is one dependency with groupId
= 'org.apache.cocoon.sax' then i have to get and rewrite all dependencies elements
to make it simple if I found a desired element then I have to operate on containing element
rewriting it... Transformations I have to do a without the xslt.
Maybe what I am asking seems trivial or plain stupid but I am not an expert just learning...
Is this library right for this task and if yes what would be the right approach to handle
this. Many many thanks

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