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From Steinar Jonsson <>
Subject Re: Want to join in this group..
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 20:28:50 GMT
Hi, Jagadeesh

We had this problem as well.

There are two different JXTemplateGenerator implementations, and I found 
that switching from using
this sitemap entry:
<map:generator label="content" logger="sitemap.generator.jx" name="jx" 

to this:
<map:generator label="content" logger="sitemap.generator.jx" 
name="newjx" pool-max="16" 

for our jx pipelines made a difference.

I never found the real cause of the problem, but so far it seems that 
this has fixed it for us.


On 19/10/11 08:21, Jagadeesh Kumar Bhavanasi wrote:
> Hi, This is Jagadeesh and am a developer of Cocoon.
> We are still using cocoon2.1.10 with latest JDK 1.6
> we have migrated JDK from 1.6.0_07 to 1.6.0_26. Now we are facing a 
> problem with 1.6.0_26. with JDK 07, entire system was working perfectly.
> Now with latest JDK(26), all the application is working fine for some 
> time(for 1 /2 days) then the problem occurs. Problem is where ever i 
> have used the <jx:foreach>, there it is iterating only for one time, 
> then loop is getting ended. When i debugged, i observed that the size 
> of the arraylist, that i am sending to cocoon contains more than one 
> element and even the size in the .jx file is also more than one. but 
> the loop is not getting iterated more than once.
> We are suspecting the  problem is in ehcache, is my assumption correct?
> Is there any solution for this problem?
> /Regds
> Jagadeesh B
> /

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