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From Paul Joseph <>
Subject Re: thought I had fixe it
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 09:09:08 GMT
Good points, thank you.

Re. pont 1 (closing jdbc objects) I observe the query associated with 
retrieving these large objects is getObjectListbySQL

My code for this, which I don't quite recall how I came up with and 
which I have been using for many years now, is as below....

Would appreciate a "code review" of the same to make sure things are 
handled correctly, memory wise.


public Object[] getObjectListbySQL(Object obj, String sql) {
     Criteria criteria = null;
     Collection objects = null;
     PersistenceBroker broker = null;

     if(obj == null)
         return null;

     try {
         broker = PersistenceBrokerFactory.defaultPersistenceBroker();
         // get the QueryBySQL
         QueryBySQL q = QueryFactory.newQuery(obj.getClass(), sql);
         objects = (Collection)broker.getCollectionByQuery(q);
         //System.out.println("from getObjectListbySQL, collection 
length is: " +  objects.size());
     } catch (Exception sqle) {
         String msg = sqle.getMessage();
         return null;

     if(broker != null)
       broker.close();                                             // 
Release broker instance to the broker-pool

     return objects.toArray();

On 10/25/2011 3:10 AM, Laurent Medioni wrote:
> + No1 potential memory leak ever: be sure to close your jdbc objects
> whatever happens, provide catch blocks to close objects when
> instantiations go wrong + make sure the close() methods are always
> called at some point from your code (as soon as you have read the
> resultSet).
> But, as already said, storing large objects in continuations is a sure
> recipe for failure ;)
> You should configure the Continuation Manager with something like:
> <continuations-manager logger="flow" session-bound-continuations="true"
> time-to-live="3600000">
> 	<expirations-check type="periodic">
> 		<offset>180000</offset>
> 		<period>180000</period>
> 	</expirations-check>
> </continuations-manager>
> This will give continuations a time to live of 1 hour, which is probably
> more than enough for replaying continuations if needed. And when the
> session expires everything will be GCed, as soon as possible/needed...
> Laurent
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