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From "Hugh Sparks" <>
Subject Re: [C2.2] Building from checkout fails
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2011 17:37:26 GMT
> Huib Verweij writes:
> ...
> I concluded that C2.2 is an abandoned project

I guessed as much.

I was able to build most of the thing by hacking away at each error and collecting some artifacts
for my local repository. It took about 6 hours. But that's not a viable way to proceed with
Cocoon 2.2. I reverted my website to use artifact versions available from maven central.

> ...
>  I am moving on to C3.0 now and so far, it seems like a much better thought out project.

I'm also switching to Cocoon 3. I really like the idea of a simple framework with pipelines,
blocks, and a sitemap.


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  From: Huib Verweij 
  Sent: Friday, November 25, 2011 4:31 PM
  Subject: Re: [C2.2] Building from checkout fails

  Hi Hugh,

  Op 25 nov. 2011, om 11:25 heeft het volgende geschreven:

    Van: Hugh Sparks <>

    Onderwerp: [C2.2] Building from checkout fails

    Datum: 23 november 2011 18:34:53 GMT+01:00


    After begin away for a short time, I find that it is no longer possible to do an svn checkout
of the cocoon trunk (2.2) followed by the build script " install".  Dozens of errors
are reported by maven. Most are related to daisy and nekodtd, but the problems are pervasive
and I'm not sure how to proceed. This situation has been true for several months. I've tried
building on Windows and Linux with similar results.

    Since no one else has reported problems of this nature with C22, it occured to me that
I'm simply "out of the game" and don't know where to check out the sources and what build
tools to use. How are things done among the successful cocoon developers?


        svn checkout myCocoon
        cd myCocoon
        ./ install

  I've had the same frustrating experience. I spent hours trying to correct the mess. I asked
about it on the mailing list but did not get a response. I concluded that C2.2 is an abandoned
project. If you just use the maven generated archetypes you're OK, but if you want to add
transformers etc that are in the repo you're in trouble.

  I am moving on to C3.0 now and so far, it seems like a much better thought out project.

  Hartelijke groet,

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