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From Mika M Lehtonen <>
Subject dynamic forms and definitions
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 21:31:13 GMT
Hi list,
I am looking for a framework for the project where I should implement a 
web feedback system for the local citizens. There will be a lot of 
different type of feedbacks with different kind of form types (and maps).

So the form types should be editable consisting of different kind on 
fields and UI controls and so on. Creating an instance of a feedback 
will create an instance of the form type. Form types will be held in a 
database from where they can be retrieved and in where they can be 
edited. Also the instances of the forms and their values will be 
inserted into some database.

The major challange is to find a framework good enough to adapt to my 
needs with as minimal coding as possible. Eventually I should implement 
solutions for following dutys.
1) An official creates a set of form definitions to use in projects' 
etc. feedback system.
2) He/she creates an instance of a feedback and attaches an instance of 
a feedback form to use with it.
3) He/she publishes that feedback page or site.
4) Citizens give their feedback with that page and every feedback will 
also be a new instance of a chosen form type/definition with distictive 
field and control values.
5) All that is held in a single database.

Long story short, is Cocoon the framework I am looking for?

If it is, I would prefer on staying on 2.11 for starters, because I am 
aware of the steep learning curve of the later versions. With 2.11 I've 
done something few years ago.

Any example of dynamic forms and especially dynamic form definitions, 
perhaps database driven forms and form types?

reg. mika

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