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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: [C3] Working with archetypes [Was Re: parent of parent artifact?]
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 16:03:43 GMT
As so often happens, asking for help generated some further thoughts and 
I was able to get things working better.

Although I had added a COB-INF/sitemap.xmap to src in my block 
(e-17-pub/src/main/resources/COB-INF/sitemap.xmap), I noticed that the 
target (e-17-pub/target/classes) did not have COB-INF/sitemap.xmap.

I quit jetty, and ran "mvn jetty:run" again -- and now the test sitemap 

So apparently the problem was that my changes in the src tree were 

The next question is, what is the best-practice way to develop? I don't 
think the intention is that every time I make a change, I'm supposed to 
stop and restart jetty in order to see my changes.

Maybe I misunderstood this paragraph from Francesco:

> Coming to you question above: when developing, you only need your 
> block - i.e. "mysite". Since cocoon blocks feature the reloading 
> plugin, just launch your block with "mvn jetty:run" and start playing 
> with mysite/src/main/resources/COB-INF/sitemap.xmap. All your changes 
> will be immediately available.

Does this mean immediately after I restart jetty? Or immediately after I 
make changes? If the latter, what am I doing wrong, that I don't see 
this happening?

Thanks again!


On 3/22/2012 10:54 AM, Lars Huttar wrote:
> Francesco,
> Thanks for your patience. I feel like I'm very close, but I apparently 
> still don't have some of the concept understood correctly, because 
> things are not working for me.
> Notice that the base URL for the request is 
> e-17-pub/./src/main/resources/COB-INF/
> yet Cocoon doesn't seem to be looking at 
> e-17-pub/./src/main/resources/COB-INF/sitemap.xmap.
> Any ideas? Is it really running the webapp instead of the block? In 
> that case do I need to put a mount command (or equivalent) in the 
> webapp's sitemap to direct URLs to my block?
> Thanks,
> Lars

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