Hi everybody,

I have a problem understanding how to write my pipelines.

I have a first pipeline :

<map:match pattern="*/tree-expo-get-children">
<map:generate type="xquery" src="exist/xq/get-children-rubriques.xq">
<map:parameter name="parentid" value="{1}" />
<map:transform src="exist/xsl/get-children-rubriques.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

This pipeline works perfectly resulting a XML tree.
I would want to applicate another XSL to the resulting XML.

You will say that I just have to put another <map:transform> after the first one.
But I can't, because of a particularity :  the call to this first pipeline is iterative : the transform call this same pipeline.

So I thought about writing another :

<map:match pattern="*/tree-expo-content">
<map:read src="cocoon://{1}/tree-expo-get-children"/>
<map:transform src="exist/xsl/expotree2html.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="html"/>

The problem is that when I execute this pipeline, I get the XML document resulting from the map:read but the transform is not performed.
If I put a map:generate replacing the map:read, the execution fails with an error in declaration of my XSL.

I don't understand how I can chain these transforms.
Which generator could work ?

Thanks for your help