Depending on your sitemap components set-up (see the top of the file e.g. <map:transformers default="xslt">)
the default Transformer should be the XSLT one.

Try omitting the type altogether.

Remember that the Pipeline is key so don't try 'chaing' xslt from within your .XSLT file.

Attaching the files to your question would help.



On 16 October 2012 14:55, whatnext <tom_gracey@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Dear learned cocoon users,

Very sorry for the ignorance of this question. Our company has recently
decided it might be time to move away from AxKit (!) and we are looking at
the alternatives. Cocoon is an obvious choice. However, I know absolutely
nothing about it other than a broad idea of what it does.

I have been trying to get Cocoon to serve some of our pages to see whats

I followed the instructions at http://cocoon.apache.org/2.2/1159_1_1.html
and sure enough could display the welcome page.

Next up I tried to display one of our web pages by copying over an .xml and
related .xsl stylesheets and modifying the sitemap.xmap file.

So then it falls over saying:

Unable to get transformer handler for file:///path/example.xsl ...

If I go into sitemap.xmap and add type="xslt" to the <map:transform src =
'...'> line then this error seems resolved but then it falls over with

Unable to get transformer handler for file:///path/another.xsl

where another.xsl is referred to by example.xsl. What can be done in this
case? Is there a way of telling cocoon that it needs to use the xslt
transformer anywhere it sees .xsl... ? Or am i approaching this in all the
wrong way etc.?

Many apologies for the elementary nature of this question - I freely admit I
have no idea what I am doing!

Any help appreciated...

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