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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: from Cforms to Wicket
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2013 00:49:38 GMT
All the cool people swear by [1]  ;-)

Another very new resource is the site [2] which is in 
alpha at the moment but is the first collaboration between all the major 
browser manufacturers to document the browser standards and collate bugs.

So to answer Mika's question: HTML5 is already widely supported by 
browsers.  Or to put it another way the HTML5 doctype was designed to be 
usable without breaking older browsers but also prevent them going into 
quirks mode.   Scripts like modernizr [3],  also enable very old 
browsers (even IE6!) to partially support some of the more desirable 
CSS3 functions.

I don't know about you but 20% of my traffic is mobile based. Whatever 
forms you do generate it is looking more and more like you also need to 
support Responsive Web Design which adapts to the browser window size 
and device input capabilities.  We are living in interesting times at 
the moment from a web perspective and for the past year people have been 
rushing to 'do responsive' by placing most of the logic client side and 
making extensive use of media queries.  Some people are beginning to 
wake up to the fact that it might be better to do a little device 
detection server-side with a technique that Luke Wrobleski coined 'RESS' 
[4]. This is something for which I think Cocoon might be a good solution.

One final thing you may find of interest is a side project of Wicket 
which I tinkered with a while ago called WicketWebBeans [5].  I have no 
idea if it is still being developed but essentially it dynamically 
creates web forms by directly interrogating java beans.  You can tailor 
the behaviour according to your needs.

David Legg


On 18/02/13 12:24, Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
> On 18/02/2013 13:21, Mika M Lehtonen wrote:
>> Is HTML5 something you can really use already having wide range of 
>> browsers supported?
>> (Or at least FF, IE and Chrome)
> Google says (among others)....

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