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From gelo1234 <>
Subject Re: XSLT import/include errors
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 20:02:59 GMT
Yes, it must be that "problem" with current Xalan.

Strange thing is that some XSLT variables are predefined like: requestURI

So I cannot use:
<xsl:param name="requestURI"/> in stylesheet file.xsl even though Ive got:

<map:transformer src="file.xsl">
     <map:parameter name="requestURI" value="...."/>

in sitemap.xmap. So requestURI is some GLOBAL variable ?


2013/6/20 Javier Puerto <>

> 2013/6/20 gelo1234 <>
> What version of C2.1 did you use? Maybe old Xalan? I've found the
> following note in the Xalan documentation [1]:
> "Note that all top-level parameters and variables from all imported and
> included stylesheets will be placed as direct children of the top-level
> stylesheet in the AST. This done to make global variables truly global and
> not just global in the stylesheet where it was declared."
> You should avoid duplicate variable declarations, at the end of the page
> it's explained how the forward references works. You could extract some
> common variables to a XSLT template so you can use several templates
> without collision.
>  [1]:

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