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From Peter Sparkes <>
Subject svg text in fop on cocoon-2.1.12 Linex
Date Sun, 25 May 2014 14:54:33 GMT

Sorry previous email send before fully written

I am having problems with svg text in fop on  cocoon-2.1.12 Linux
The problem does not occur on cocoon-2.1.12 Windows

I get the following error whenever the svg contains <text> eg with

<fo:instream-foreign-object content-width="15px" content-height="100px" padding-right="0.2cm">
        <svg xmlns="" width="15.5" height="15.5" viewBox="0 0
15.5 15.5">
                      <text x="6.0" y="11" style="text-anchor:middle ; fill:#ffffff ; font-size:10;

font-weight:normal ; letter-spacing:-1.5">EUR</text>

I get


javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet execution threw an exception

*root cause*

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.apache.batik.gvt.font.FontFamilyResolver
	org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGTextElementBridge.getFontList(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGTextElementBridge.getAttributeMap(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGTextElementBridge.fillAttributedStringBuffer(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGTextElementBridge.buildAttributedString(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGTextElementBridge.computeLaidoutText(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.SVGTextElementBridge.buildGraphicsNode(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.GVTBuilder.buildGraphicsNode(Unknown Source)
	org.apache.batik.bridge.GVTBuilder.buildComposite(Unknown Source) Source)

I assume that the linux server is missing the fop text package

Help please


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