Hi Again,

I had a go at upgrading the serializer to XSSF  but there were simply too many Java class changes for lazy old me. Instead, I had much better mileage going down the OpenXML road and generating an .xlsx file in the Cocoon pipeline (it is only a zipped up bunch of XML files after all).

All the files are fairly straightforward XML and it is only the packaging that would be tricky but for the invaluable Zip serializer.

Inevitably, there is a lot of googling required to find examples but I recommend

as a good place to start.



On 9 May 2014 09:58, warrell harries <warrell.harries@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Cocooners,

I have just run into the 65535 upper limit on the number of rows in an Excel workbook as serialized using the gnumeric schema.

Of course, I tried substituting the latest poi-3.10 jar from the excellent POI project for 3.0.2.jar that has worked well so far. Alas, some of the methods no longer exist.

I was hoping somebody has done the hard-work necessary to upgrade the serializer to the XSSF format. I would be very grateful if they could share the code for 2.11