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From "George Doyle" <>
Subject Repeater Action Widget Behavior
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2014 20:50:05 GMT
Hi there, 

I am currently working on a system using cocoon 2.1.11.  Using the patch provided here:
I was able to get the repeater-action widgets using the “sort-by” command to toggle between
sorting in ascending and descending order and turning sorting off.  I wanted to add a visualizer
in so that when a user clicks on the widget to perform a new sort, an image is appended indicating
which way it is being sorted.  

I tried to introduce this functionality through the flow script and discovered that this was
an issue because when the client clicks on the sorting widget, it does not communicate with
the server.  I verified this by unplugging the internet and testing both the sorting and page-navigation
buttons, which all functioned correctly without any internet connection.

This means I will need an entirely client-side solution update the visualization as the user
sorts by different fields.  I realized I could use cookies, but this would require a lot of
over head to track every widget’s sort state as they change. 

I also realized that there must be some client-side mechanism for tracking this information
already, but I don’t have any idea what it is.  Is there some sort of client-side equivalent
to the Form.getChild(String) function, or some completely different way that I can track the
widgets’  attributes’ values from the client side.  


George Doyle
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