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From Andreas Kuehne <>
Subject Re: Help needed moving from 2.1.11
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 17:09:14 GMT
Hi Peter,

I completely agree with Christopher!
I got some 2.1.* applications running and kept up with flow of Java /
jBoss versions. Maybe there had been some issues with the XML helper
jars but I don't remember in details.

Try your luck with CentOS 7, Java 8 and Tomcat 8 ... and come back if
severe problems occur!


> Peter,
> On 1/6/16 6:33 AM, Flynn, Peter wrote:
>> ...I think.
>> I have an existing Cocoon service running 2.1.11 under Tomcat5 and
>> Apache in CentOS5 on a very old server, and I now have a new server
>> running CentOS6, Apache2, and Tomcat6 that I want to migrate to, but I
>> am held up by my lack of understanding of what has been happening to
>> Coocon, and I'm an XML person, not a Java person :-)
>> The existing service is not an "application" in the normal sense: it's
>> just a large collection of directories under /var/www/xml, each with its
>> own sitemap.xmap, serving a lot of XML documents as HTML via XSLT. Many
>> of the documents are in fact HTML, retrieved in real time from elsewhere
>> in our site using Tidy in order to force xhtml or HTML5.  The cocoon.war
>> is the stock 2.1.11 with no mods except the substitution of saxon9.jar
>> so we can use XSLT2.
>> I would like to be able to update all this to 2.2, and eventually to
>> Cocoon 3.0, but the lack of a prebuilt .war file means I am at a loss as
>> to how to do this. The existing service simply serves XML converted with
>> XSLT2, nothing more: there are no requirements for authentication (it's
>> all public), templates, forms, or FOP (we use XSLT2 and XeLaTeX for
>> PDFs), and no "applications" as such. The stock 2.1.11 cocoon.war file
>> undoubtedly includes vast amounts of stuff we never even go near using,
>> but I have no idea what to exclude or include when it comes to building
>> a new one in 2.2 or 3.0. The block examples in the 2.2 Tutorials
>> *appear* to be vastly more complex than is needed for what we want to do
>> (although this may just be my ignorance: in fact Cocoon 1.x always did
>> everything we needed!).
>> A further requirement is obviously robust and working versions of Ant or
>> Maven, as in the past I have never been able to get either of these to
>> work on the platform available (there have always been unresolvable
>> dependencies for libraries simply unavailable). Has anyone ever
>> implemented Cocoon 2.2 or 3 on CentOS6?
>> I have a small budget for help with this, either for training or
>> consultancy or both (preferably both so that I can learn). Or do I just
>> pick up the current 2.1.11 cocoon.war file and drop it into the new
>> system and leave it alone?
> Moving from Tomcat 5 on (presumably) an older Java to a newer version
> should not be difficult at all. Is there a reason to move to Tomcat 6
> and not all the way up to Tomcat 8? Tomcat 6 will be EOL very soon.[1]
> If you are going to migrate, you may as well go all the way.
> My experience with a Cocoon-only deployment on Tomcat 5 moving all the
> way up to Tomcat 8 (I went version by version and wasted a whole lot of
> time doing so) was basically just drop the WAR file I already had into
> Tomcat's deployment directory and everything worked exactly as expected.
> (This included incremental upgrades from Java 1.5 to Java 1.8 as well).
> I have a relatively simple Cocoon deployment with only a few dozen
> matchers in my pipeline, and two or three separate sitemaps. I also have
> a custom RequestParameterModule, but of course that wouldn't be
> sensitive to a Tomcat upgrade.
> My advice would be to put the latest Java and the latest Tomcat on a
> test server and drop your existing application's WAR in there and test
> everything. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how painless it is.
> As for Cocoon upgrade suggestions, others have made those already in
> this thread. Honestly, if it were me, I'd upgrade Java/Tomcat first and
> make sure everything works, and then focus on upgrading Cocoon.
> -chris
> [1]
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