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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: More abuse of coding styles...
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 05:26:05 GMT
Couldn't we all just agree that arguing about coding convention is like 
bringing up politics and religion at a dinner party?...

When you work with a team of developers, you'll end up working amongst 
many styles and preferences, like it or not. Just as long as the big 
ones aren't broken (eg. if blocks without braces, multiple inner classes 
which are actually used in other classes, or inner classes at all 
depending on your religion).

I think the code is suffering more from some editors using tabs, but 
then replaced with spaces, 2 spaces, 4 or eight spaces, back to tabs... 
etc.etc... Just open up the iterate tag or something :)

Anyone ever thought of running the code through a code fomatter when the 
nightly build is done?... that'd save all issues and arguments (except 
those of naming conventions).

There's not enough minutes in our day to be arguing about formatting style.
Bad code is bad code. Good code is good code. Lets just look after that.


+1 for hungarian notation :-D

Donnie Hale wrote:

>Not to be nitpicky, but doesn't Turbine have a coding standard document that
>differs from the "official" Java conventions to which you refer? Not a big
>deal - IIRC, I much prefer Turbine's brace placement vs. the "standard". I
>just thought it interesting you refer to Sun's conventions but are on a
>project with some differences.

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