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From Juozas Baliuka <>
Subject Re: Simper - Simple Persistence
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 13:22:13 GMT
it is very intereting. It very useful for BMP or Session beans, it is 
useful for not distributed applications too.
Have you plans to support JDO interfaces ?
There are some good solutions like  Castor, but they are not standard and I 
don't know any Open Source JDO implementation. There are a lot of good code 
in commons, but I don't see Persistence Framework, I think
persistence, security, validation are very common in all kinds of 

At 05:35 PM 1/9/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>This is a small project which I have been tinkering with on and off for
>a few months. Recently, I re-wrote portions of it to be based upon the
>new DynaBean.
>Simper came out of my rather large experience with EJB -- specifically,
>CMP. I thought I could build a framework which provides the important
>parts (in my opinion) of EJB/CMP, without all the huge framework. What I
>came up with is Simper, which I think packs a good punch terms of
>providing the user some real usefulness, and yet comes in at around
>1,000 lines of code.
>Some highlights:
>Design Principles:
>         - Should be simple as possible, yet provide real value to coders.
>         - Source code should be easily readable and understandable, in its
>entirety. No black holes of 100's of classes (e.g. EJB).
>         - The bean mechanism should be useful both at the Business Tier 
> level,
>and the Presentation Tier level - the same beans, no "copies" or Value
>  - Should never grow significantly greater than it's current size (~1000
>lines of code); for something more complex, go with Torque or EJB.
>Simper is:
>         - Simple table encapsulation - just name the table, and DynaBeans 
> will
>be created to wrap each row.
>         - Automatic transaction demarcation using Servlet 2.3 Filters
>         - Automatic change detection (trapping your "set" calls), with 
> changes
>written to the DB at the end of the Servlet request automatically
>         - Simple means of defining queries, which return single beans or 
> Lists
>of beans.
>         - Simple means of creating new rows
>         - Simple means of deleting rows
>         - Tied to JDBC/SQL - does not attempt to abstract away your SQL
>         - Don't have to declare specific columns, much less getters and 
> setters
>- just name the tables, and Simper will take care of everything
>(including database introspection to find all the column names/types)
>Simper is not:
>         - A comprehensive O/R tool
>         - No class generation - everything is wrapped up in DynaBeans
>         - Primary Key generation is handled by way of extra round-trip to DB
>         - No automatic relationship management (1-1, 1-m, m-m)
>         - Support for optimistic concurrency. Some of the plumbing is already
>here, but non-functional (versionColumn)
>If this group is interested, I can JAR it up and send it somewhere. It's
>not set up as a "standard commons" project with all the various
>directories -- I don't want to set all that up until I know there's

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