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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Update to Commons package approval guideline
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 23:05:51 GMT

On Wednesday, January 9, 2002, at 10:26 PM, Martin Cooper wrote:

> The current Commons guidelines require a positive super-majority vote of
> active subproject committers before a new package is accepted into 
> Commons.
> Given the number of committers in Commons today, I believe that this is no
> longer tenable.
> Therefore I propose that we update item #17 of the guidelines to require
> majority approval, as defined in the Jakarta guidelines, before a package 
> is
> accepted into Commons. The replacement text for item #17 would be as
> follows:
> -----
> 17. New packages may be proposed to the Jakarta Commons mailing list. To 
> be
> accepted, a package proposal must receive majority approval of the
> subproject committers. Proposals are to identify the rationale for the
> package, its scope, its interaction with other packages and products, the
> Commons resources, if any, to be created, the initial source from which 
> the
> package is to be created, and the initial set of committers.
>         1. As stated in the Jakarta guidelines, an action requiring 
> majority
> approval must receive at least 3 binding +1 votes and more +1 votes than 
> -1
> votes.
> -----


i'd prefer requiring 3/4 of the votes cast to override a veto but i'm not 
willing to veto the proposal since i think that it'll be an improvement on 
the current situation.

i'd like to think that we'll be able to reach consensus most times. i'd 
also prefer some sort of extended time limit to receive votes on a project 
submission so that we can at least try to resolve issues (which is what a 
committer veto represents) before the project goes into the commons.

- robert

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