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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Torque learning curve WAS: RE: Jakarta Persistence Framework?
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 19:39:13 GMT
On 1/2/02 1:49 PM, "Ted Husted" <> wrote:

> Martin Poeschl wrote:
>> i send a copy to the turbine list, so we can discuss on the right list ;-)
> If the Torque dependancies on Turbine have been removed, perhaps its
> time to consider transferring Torque et al to the Commons -- then this
> would be the right list ;-)

Possibly, IMO Torque still has some issues that need to be worked out before
widespread use. Pluggable connection pools, some very strange initialization
patterns have to be removed, and the collection of single RDB's peculiar
features into one location as they are in a couple now. I also have some
serious problems with it's mode of usage, Torque primarily being a
datamodel-centric tool as opposed a persistence layer for an object model.
Right now the object model produced is really a thin veneer over top the
datamodel (an object produced for each table) which can certainly work in a
lot of cases but I don't think that's anywhere close to being usable in many
real world situations.

I also feel that Torque is a little out of scope for a commons package and
the general feeling within the Turbine group is that Torque should
eventually become its own project when it leaves the Turbine fold.
> As mentioned, I would be happy to help with the packaging and additional
> documentation, especially if it were distributed through the Commons.
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Jason van Zyl

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