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From Peter Odéus <>
Subject Re: Periodicity requirements & design
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 11:29:34 GMT
> Jeff Prickett:
> ...
> I suspect 
> that the advantages of a computer based calendaring
> system will be in the 
> unique presentation and sharing capabilities that
> computers offer over 
> paper based calendars. 

I agree. Sharing is probably one of the most important
things (at least in the business area). "Browse me"
might eventually be the standard answer to the
question "do you have time to see me next week?".
Moreover, an important aspect of sharing is the
default "openness" setting of the system, because
users tend not to change default settings [Palen]. But
maybe sharing is less important for people managing
their personal, non-business part of the calendar. Who

Event reminders and the ability to tailor
sophisticated recurring events also seem to be crucial
according to [Palen].

My personal thoughts include, but are not limited to:
-Heavily localized information (dates etc.)
-Tight integration between the rolodex/address book
(vCards)and the calendar. My theory is that two pieces
of data could relate intimately to each other, where
one piece pertains to time (workout class schedule)
while the other is fairly static (gym phone number).
In those cases it might be important to be able to
make such a strong two-way connection. (The gym
publishing its workout schedule is an example of a
[SKiCal] event, by the way.)
-Dynamic rolodex in the sense that e.g. an address is
made non-atomic, which means that a phone number can
be intimately related to the address.  

> Jeff Prickett:
> ...
> Would you be interested
> in advising us as to 
> what we might do from a human factors perspective?
> It would also be great 
> if you could analyze the competition from a human
> factors perspective and 
> tell us where we might be able to do better than say
> Microsoft's or 
> Netscape's calendaring solutions as well as web
> based calendars available 
> at most internet portals now.

I would be glad to give it a shot, even though I am
currently more of an HCI novice than an expert. A lot
of pointers are to be collected from [Palen], though.

> Jeff Prickett:
> ... 
> If you would like to pick up the torch for the use
> case analysis it would 
> be greatly appreciated

The goals of the system must be carefully elaborated
(e.g. [KAOS]), and as you point out, a proper use case
analysis must be done. But since I am an absolute
beginner in these areas, there is obviously a need for
an expert discussion partner. Anybody out there?




[SKiCal] SkiCal - an extension of iCalendar

kind regards,

Peter Odéus

Peter Odéus
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