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From Jeff Prickett <>
Subject Re: Periodicity requirements & design
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 04:46:40 GMT
On Sun, 3 Mar 2002 wrote:

> Peter,
>     I'm helping on Periodicity with some small things, like testing and a
> Time Zone implementation.  I believe that a discussion and development of a
> complete set of requirements for Periodicity would be a great thing.  The
> project will grow fastest and best when its goals meet the needs of a group
> of interested and involved people.

Reliability (and hence testing) and Time Zone handling are very important.  
>     A few days ago, the main committer on this project, Jeff Prickett,
> offered the following to a couple of interested developers:
> "Where we are is we have the basic design of the iCalendar objects
> "implemented. We need code to save the objects to a database, templates in
> "Velocity to view them in a web browser, security integration with Turbine
> "and JAAS. After that we should be ready for a 0.0.1 release.
> <snip>
> "I look forward to working with you and hope that you decide to
> "join us as we build a world class calendaring application.

This might be a good time to mention that I have checked in a formal 
proposal (jakarta-commons-sandbox/periodicity/proposal.html) and a status 
document (jakarta-commons-sandbox/periodicity/status.html). In these 
documents the scope/mission statement of the project is defined.

I would like to point out the sentence where we state that we want to have 
features comparable to if not better than commercially available 

A more formal requirements design and analysis would greatly help to that 

>     While this is definitely not a complete set of requirements, it does
> outline an absolute minimum set of capabilities that must be implemented for
> Periodicity to function.  Additional core features, enhancements, and
> yet-to-be-identified critical components must be added.
> In your email, you said:
> > How are we going about to formalize the requirements
> > and the design of this wonderful new system?
> I look forward to working with you.
> Bottom line: Thanks for taking the time to look at Periodicity.  Please
> contribute.
>     Personal note:  I am new to Jakarta and fairly new to programming.  I
> appreciate you taking the time to include links to relevant documents in
> your email.  I have downloaded the Palen dissertation and a Meeting
> Scheduler paper from the KAOS site and plan to read them over the next week.

Thanks Mike for downloading the documents. We should probably begin by 
reading the documents and revisiting this conversation when the three of 
us can all understand the relevant research. This may take some time.

In the meantime, we could all download a copy of ArgoUML open 
source design software because I have some UML diagrams to add to CVS and 
we should probably begin maintaining a use case analysis document.

> Thanks,
> Mike George

Jeff Prickett

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