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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: [logging] Need interface...
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 19:29:16 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Geir Magnusson Jr. [] 
> I want to try to explain this one more time because I think 
> my earlier explanation wasn't good :
> 1) I am interested in adding an interface to the o.a.c.l 
> package which looks like (modulo some naming concerns...) :
>    public interface LogUser
>    {
>        void setCommonsLogger(Log log);
>    }

Ok.  Similar to Avalon's LogEnabled class with the enableLogging()

> 2) This interface is not required to be implemented by 
> anyone, nor is it required to be looked for by anyone.

In that case there is limited use for it.  See below.

> 3) Repeat - there are no requirements as to the use of this interface.

I repeat, see below.

> 4) The purpose is to let tools and components that want to 
> log have a 'marker' interface that they can implement that 
> says to the world, whatever world they are living in, 
> independent of race, creed, framework, container or application :
>   "I want to log if I can.  I know what a o.a.c.l.Log interface is and
>    can use it.  At any time, you can give one to me if you want to
>    and know how.  Otherwise, I'm ok."

We are mixing metaphors, and I don't like it.  The interface breeds
confusion.  You can't mix IoC based apps and static accessor based
apps.  There are reasons why.

First off, you have to choose where you are using the component.  If it
is in an application like JMeter where everything is accessed
all your components should behave the same.  If you are basing your
application on something like Avalon where IoC rules, you should not
*any* static accessors of any sort.

IoC is a tool used for Container/Component infrastructures, and is not
appropriate in all situations.

Components (in the formal sense) will always be tied to their container.
The container provides everything to the component.  everything.  That
not just the logger.  That means that the component is tied to the

Commons, Sun, and several other people use the term component in an
sense.  A component has a *role* (or work interface) separate from the
implementation.  It is tied to a container, which manages it.  Commons
a modular API, and each API group has been given the informal name of
which confuses people who see commons' docs and avalon's docs.

Lastly, trying to mix IoC and static access based systems is like trying
to mix procedural and object oriented programming.  It can be done, but
is messy, confusing, and not maintainable.  Each model has its
and disadvantages, but you should decide which model your component
operates in from the outset.

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