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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: [logging] Need interface...
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 18:33:29 GMT
I find myself in agreement.  Secondly,  I conceptualize interface 
implementation as a form of inheritance (interface inheritance). 
 Therefore, you must ask:  Is this an appropriate situation for 
inheritance or containment.  Most object technology "experts" profess 
you should favor containment versus inheritance.  This is a sign of good 

Avalon's logging solution might be appropriate for one conceptualization 
of logging which is "component level" logging.  In truth logging is used 
to refer to multiple types of logging (tracing, error reporting, etc), 
and most of the differentiation of this is the message importance or 
type.  Its where or when you want the message to be viewable and in some 
cases created.  

As for configuration, is the logging a service or a class assignable 
property?  Generally I think its a service used by your application or 
API.  Avalon's logic is that your "component" need to be "configured" 
with this "aspect".  I see the logic but I'm not sure I agree with it.  

Security is a consideration with calling a static wrapper (the general 
approach to logging that most folks use) but I would question the 
supposition that security cannot be a service called by or implemented 
by the logging service/static wrapper in such a situation where its 

Lastly, its just a pain in the butt to do it the way Avalon does it.  I 
think its the case of working around a mismatch between Java and the 
"Aspect Oriented Programming" that they seem to be going after.  

There are many things about Avalon that are increadibly likeable and 
there are situations where I would use this kind of logging.  Just, I 
don't see it as a "hammer" and am not sure that the same thing can't be 
accomplished through containment.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Jon Scott Stevens wrote:

>on 4/3/02 10:09 AM, "Jon Scott Stevens" <> wrote:
>>Now, if the parent instantiates MyComponent and forgets to call
>>enableLogging() *before* myMethod() is called, an NPE will be thrown and it
>>will not be clear as to why that NPE was thrown unless you go and look at
>>the source code. There is no open coding contract that says that
>>enableLogging() needs to be called first.
>I should also add that I don't like the fact that a parent is required.
>If a parent is required, then it requires a framework to support the
>children (ie: that is what a parent really is).
>Sure, sometimes frameworks are appropriate, but I don't think they are
>necessary for Velocity tools which are just objects stuck in the context...
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