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From "" <>
Subject DBCP connection problems with credentials
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 15:12:28 GMT

I'am starting with DBCP and Tomcat because of some pooling 
problems with Tyrex and Poolman.
First of all, It seems like DBCP works very well.

Now, I've got just a little problem with getConnection method 
and credentials : PoolingDataSource object doesn't support 
getConnection(user, password) method and throw 
an "UnsupportedOperationException".

I understand it as a pooled connections can't be shared among 
multiple database users. My problem is that some application 
still use getConnection(user, password) method even with 
DataSource, so using DBCP with those applications is impossible 
without modifing app. code.

So, here is my proposal : Why not modifing getConection(user, 
password) in BasicDataSource so that :
- if username/password are good ones, this method forward 
toward getConnection()
- if not, this method throw a SQLExeption, saying something 
like "Invalid username/password"

I've tried to modify source code and I ask you if it would be 
correct to transform getConnection(username, password) in 
BasicDataSource like this :

public Connection getConnection(String username, String 
  throws SQLException {
  if(username.equalsIgnoreCase(this.username) && 
password.equalsIgnoreCase(this.password)) {
    return (createDataSource().getConnection());
  } else {
    throw new SQLException("DBCP : Invalid username/password");

Thanks in advance for your responses

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