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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: [GUMP] how to point the finger?
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 04:09:22 GMT

From: Ovidiu Predescu []

> The tool works by keeping track of who modified the files since the
> last build, and what were the changes in the number of regression
> tests. If you modify a file lets say, that introduces a regression in
> the automated tests, you will receive an email notification containing

> Would it be possible to have a similar setup for GUMP? 

In my mind it might not be the right way to go.

It could be helpful that if GUMP fails to build a module it also 
generates a list of changes since the last successful build (so you
can know what was done), but there are two issues.

1] As Lakta has recently seen, the change might be inside a dependency.
Do you list every change to Xerces/Ant/?? also?

2] The project is owned by the community of developers.
While each person should be responsible for making sure their changes
don't break the build, it is the responsibility of all the developers
to make sure the module is correct.
That's why people get CVS commit mails.

It is easiest if the person who made the change goes in and fixes it,
because they know what they've done, (hence having a list of changes
will come in handy) but there is the risk that too much finger 
pointing will reduce the community-ownership of the project.

Just an alternative viewpoint.


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