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From "Allistair Crossley" <>
Subject HttpClient Hanging on executeMethod(HttpMethod)
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 14:30:05 GMT
Hi All,

I am going to paste a block of code below. I am trying to post to a URL and
what happens is it hangs on httpClient.executeMethod(PostMethod).

I am not sure why this could be and so am hoping you may be able to help.
What is even more weird is that I expected after an interval the try..catch
block to catch something like a NoRouteToHost or UnknownHost exception but
nothing is definately hanging at the executeMethod statment as
I never get to the System.print after it.

Your help appreciated, Ali

			// create http client post

			PostMethod postMethod = new PostMethod();

			// process out and add params to post

   			StringTokenizer t = new StringTokenizer(postString, "&");
   				String pair = removePercent20(t.nextToken()); //abc=123
   				System.out.println("IntegrationQueueClient: name/val pair; " + pair);

   				int equals = pair.indexOf("=");
   				//postMethod.addParameter(pair.substring(0, equals),
pair.substring(equals + 1));

			// establish connection to server and post
			HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();
			httpClient.startSession("123.456.78.9", 80);

			System.out.println("IntegrationQueueClient: session started");


			System.out.println("IntegrationQueueClient: ending session");


        	System.out.println("IntegrationQueueClient: session ended");

        	//System.out.println("IntegrationQueueClient: " +
		catch(Exception e)
   			System.out.println("IntegrationQueueClient: " + e);

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