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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Betwixt use question..
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 20:37:42 GMT
Hi everyone,

This is more of a user question probably, but I have to use dev, since
there is not user list for commons ;)
I have a simple (in real life a little bit more complex btw) xml file,
which looks like this :

<PHYSICAL_SCHEMA autocreate="yes">
  <DBMS kind="ODBC">
        <DB_DATA_TYPE name="VARCHAR"/>

I removed a lot from the about 60 kb xml file, but this is the one I use
to test on, so I can limit debugging output.

Via the use of the NameMapper I tried to map the classnames to the
correct element names
I want PHYSICAL_SCHEMA mapped to PhysicalSchema, etc,etc, which my
custom NameMapper handles fine. 
The problem is that it is not working (also played around with .betwixt
files, which made it more confusing).

Can someone give me some guideline in how I can use this xml file, the
way I had in mind (with readable "normal" classnames, my attributes also
set in the classes I mention (setAutocreate is eg never called during
the parse).  Especially digester is complaining a lot that it cannot
find any rules for the PHYSICAL_SCHEMA/DBMS (and deeper), even though I
created the classes and added addXXXX and getXXX methods to the
PhysicalSchema class.

Am I using the wrong tool here, or just missing something ? 
(if I am using the wrong tool, please let me know).

For completeness, I attached the dtd. Since this is needed for a (long
lasting) migration to complete javacode and real database independency,
I don't have "the power" yet, to make the xml and dtd better and have to
deal with these nasty things.

Another thing : isn't there a way to generate an object structure from
the xml in betwixt and is that something that is interesting enough to
be added as a tool ? 

Hope someone can help ;)


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