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From Evert Hoff <>
Subject [HttpClient] Implementing support for authenticated proxies
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:40:36 GMT

Attached is a patch (diff.txt) and the full changed files
( which includes:
- Sachin's changes for SSL tunneling
- Changes to enable an alternative SSLSocketFactory to be set, for
getting around "untrusted server certificate chain" errors.
- Changes to give access to the time when the request was made and the
connection established, for monitoring purposes.
- Lastly, I've been trying to implement support for authenticated

With the authenticated proxy, I don't know whether there is something
wrong with the proxy I am using or something else. The code is supposed
to handle authenticated proxies for both http and https requests. I am
getting "no route to host" responses with https and "access to host
forbidden on this server" responses with http. I might just no longer
have the right permissions on the proxy server.

If someone has access to an authenticated proxy and is willing to help
test and debug this, I would greatly appreciate it.

BTW, it might be a good idea to compare my files to the ones that Sachin
sent yesterday, because I had to make changes to his changes in order to
support authenticated proxies.



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