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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] two bugs
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 21:27:36 GMT

On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 08:29 PM, Martin van den Bemt wrote:

> On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 20:47, Jon Scott Stevens wrote:
>> on 6/12/02 12:42 AM, "Martin van den Bemt" <> wrote:
>>> Hi John,
>> My name is 'Jon'.
> Sorry, just know to many Johns I guess ;)

there are many johns but only one jon :)

jon's so famous he even has his own page ;)

>>>> If I remove the getModules() method from the code below, then the
>>>> addModule() method is never called and no error is reported.
>>> AFAIK this behaviour is intended in the code.
>>> Do you want just an error or warning or do you want it to just call
>>> addModule and in this way transform the xml files to another form when
>>> writing it again?
>> At least a warning should be shown.

i'd personally say that really betwixt should probably find addModule even 
without a matching getModules but jason or james are the ones who should 
be able to give a definitely answer.

if it's decided that it shouldn't be found then this should probably be 
documented and a warning log message added. either way, shouldn't take too 
long to do once the correct approach is clear.

- robert

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