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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: [lang] JDK 1.0/1.1
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:34:29 GMT
> From: Henri Yandell [] 
> Not a good solution. We have to code to com.sun.collections 
> and java.util? Or is this something the dbcp stuff takes care of?
> I've seen some places publishing a hacked collections.jar 
> which uses java.util naming, but apart from being illegal, is 
> a pain to plugin.

I doubt there are many people actually using JDK 1.0, so we can
probably drop support for that.

As to JDK 1.1.x, the picture is a bit fuzzy.  I know I am not using
it, but I don't know who might be.  M$ JDK is way behind the times,
and FreeBSD has support for JDK 1.2+ I believe.  There comes a time
when backwards compatibility becomes more of a problem than what it
hopes to solve.

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