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Subject [lang] Reflection or not?
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 06:45:44 GMT

One of the things that need further discussion before a 1.0 release of
Commons-Lang is the fact whether we are going to add some reflection
functionality or not. With this message, I would like to get the ball

Here are my questions and opinions.

Q: Do you consider commons-lang only an extension to java.lang or to
java.lang *and* it's subpackages?
A: I would consider it an extension to java.lang *and* it's subpackages.

Q: Can we add reflection functionality without overlapping with
A: This depends on what functionality people have in mind.

Q: Can we add reflection possibility without introducing new dependencies?
A: Commons-lang should only have the JDK libraries as its dependency for
users of commons-lang. JUnit required for testing purposes.


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