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From Ringo De Smet <>
Subject [lang][patch] Unit tests for Strings.wrapText + Question
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 07:02:46 GMT

The patch that you can find in attachment contains a new unit test
class (StringsWrapTest). This class initially contains three test
methods for the Strings.wrapText method. I added this new test class to
the LangTestSuite. I also updated my name and email address in all the
other test classes where it was placed by whom committed my previous

About Strings.wrapText: the JavaDoc mentions that TAB charachters will
be removed from the output, but it is unclear if it will only remove
TAB characters that are placed on the wrapping column index or remove
all the tab characters from the input. The implementation does the
former now. Was this the intention? 
I will update the JavaDoc and the unit tests when we have an agreement
on this.



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