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From Jeff Dever <>
Subject Re: [httpclient] 2.0 release plan - timeline?
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:54:37 GMT
Hey Xiaowei,

Thanks for that vote of confidence.  But it's not just me, its all the
contributors out there participating with patches, bug reports, comments and
just plain use of HttpClient.  Rock on!

As far as release timeline goes, thats a good question.  The short term plan we
are working on with all these bug reports/feature requests and the voting
process is to get to a point where we can set some milestones.  The content in
these milestones for 2.0 and what is to be pushed to 2.1 will be decided this
weekend.  The number of votes and comments in the bugs will be the measures in
which the decisions of when to add certain functionality, but the final decision
will have to be made by the release manager.  Then a milestone based release
plan will be proposed as soon as possible thereafterwards.

So everyone please vote on those bugs before the end of the week as the
prioritization on content will be done this weekend.

Stay tuned!

Xiaowei Jiang wrote:

> Hi, Jeff:
> I saw lots of very good activity going on httpclient since you started
> working on it. Do you have any idea on the timeline of 2.0 release in your
> mind now? Thanks for your effort!
> xiaowei
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