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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject Re: [Morphos] Status?
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 16:15:56 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi schrieb:


>  void morpher.morph(Object in, Object out);
> and also
>  Object morpher.morph(Object in);
> I really would like to see a single method for morphing, and it seems 
> that it could be done via a:
>  void morpher.morph(MorphInput in, MorphOutput out);
> Where MorphInput and MorphOutput contain references to the objects...
> but I still don't like it :-/

At least for the things *I'd* like to "morph", the interface from the 
original Morphos proposal would be handier than Transformer's signature. 
The MorphIntput and output wrappers you mention above might be worth a 
thought. What if  the use of these would be optional? So a 
Foobar2OutputStreamMorpher could spare the overhead of dealing with 
these wrappers, while a Foobar2StreamMorpher would still be possible 
thanks to MorphOutput.
If you define Morphers to be more "heavyweight" compared to Pattern's 
transfomers, I guess most of the time Morphers won't work on inmutable 
Output objects anyways. Therefore I would not mandate their use.

Plus, a FB2StringMorpher could easily be a FB2StringBufferMorpher. What 
else potential output objects would need to be wrapped?

 > Maybe, afterall, the best thing is just making Morpher a thing that is
 > different from Transformer, ie something that *changes* the output.
 > In this way we would have Transformer for immutable objects and Morpher
 > for mutable ones?
> Hey, is it this that you were telling me?
> I finally got it? ;-P

Me? I was just playing javac, complaining about an unknown method ;-)

Seriously: I don't know the rationale for the "input inmutable" 
restriction in Transformer. Probably the destinction is really the 
"light vs. heavy weight" argument mentioned before. Stephens post also 
pointed in that direction.


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