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From Stéphane MOR <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] [jelly] tag library for prompting users for information
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 22:46:31 GMT
John Casey wrote:

>I submitted this once before to the maven-dev list, since I saw more
>Jelly traffic on that than on commons-dev, but here goes again...
Hi John !

Last time you posted that, you forgot the sources ! :-)
As I started something identical that on my side, I simply finished it 
and put it in
the org.apache.commons.jelly.interaction package.

>I'm attaching the source code for an interaction tag library, that will
>prompt the user for input and save the result to a variable...
By now, there is only an AskTag that asks the user a question, and sets 
the value
to a variable (like yours), which is the basic thing that I would expect 
from an Interaction thing !

>Additional features include:
>- input types: text, password, boolean, numeric text, and drop-down list
>(comma-separated default value supplied)
I like those ideas, the password is something that we could need, and 
the boolean value
is essential in interactive scripts.
I thought about a ChoiceTag, which must be the same as you drop-down 
list, even if
I can't see how my console would show me that drop-down list ...

>- auto-detection of GUI-enabled JVM's; console display for otherwise
Cool !
If my JVM is GUI-enabled and if I don't want any GUI, do I have a way to
disable it somehow ?

>- solid domain object model backing tags, to promote extensibility and
>reimplementation into Ant task
hmmm, I need more infos there, I should find that in the sources :-)

>The source files here are [mostly] well-documented.  I'm posting them
>here with the hope that they will be integrated into the Jelly project,
>so that I can maintain them as a standard part of the Jelly tool.
I'd love to help you to integrate that, as I feel that it's something 
that can be very


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