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From "Ortwin Glück" <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] [Patch] Proxies and SSL
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 08:50:46 GMT

I have just updated the patch:
- conflicts with 'preemtive auth' resolved (this stuff works great!)
- Log imports fixed
- author tag added

As for unit tests:
I might provide some soon. I would feel a lot more safe with some unit 
tests for this proxy stuff. We have Squid running on a spare machine but 
we want to test against the SunONE Web Proxy (formerly iPlanet) as well. 
This shouldn't take too much time.

Comment on the .toLowerCase issue:
Those WWW_AUTH (and alike) constants should be moved to a separate 
HeaderConstants file at some point. They were just declared inside 
Authenticator for convenience when I prepared it for the proxy support.

Well, I'm off for the weekend. Gonna see Oasis playing tonight!
Till next week

Ortwin Glück

Jeff Dever wrote:
> Odi,
> A few comments on your patch:
> - Feel free to add your name to the authors list of any file you modify
> - In various files you somtimes remove o.a.c.h.log.Log and LogSource.  dIon
> went through many file to make  the log imports consistant which will make
> it easier to move to commons-logging.  In the mean time we should just leave
> these alone. 
> - Providing some unit tests is pretty important in a patch that adds new
> functionality like this one.
> - Its too bad that you have to call toLowerCase on the Authenticator
> constants (like WWW_AUTH).  I added a bug for the Header class for this
> reason:
> Lastly, there is a merge confilct between a previously applied patch (posted
> to the mailing list at Tue 7/16/2002 9:04 PM EST, applied at Thu 7/18/2002
> 1:06 PM EST) and this one.  I don't know if dIon will be able to cope with
> the merge or will need a reworked patch.  Its up to him at this point.

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  ortwin glück                      [email]
  hardturmstrasse 171               [office]      +41-1-277 57 35
  8005 zurich                       [fax]         +41-1-277 57 12

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