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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [lang][beanutils] Reflection in Lang
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 21:01:09 GMT
hi stephen

in terms of principles...

i think that lang is a better place for the reflection code than beanutils 
and i would support migration.

in terms of mechanics...

before this can happen, i think that new digester and beanutils releases 
are required.

i had hoped to be in a position to have the required bugs fixed by now but 
i got sidetracked into creating a betwixt SAX writer for use in maven. i 
have some time this week and hopefully i'll be able to get that work done 

my plan would be:

1. have the bugs fixed
2. then create a new beanutils release
3. then deprecated the classes and discontinue active development in 
4. continue active development in lang

i've been following the discussions about lang and if this time scale 
seems a little long to you, then a beta release without reflection might 
be the way to go.

- robert

On Tuesday, July 23, 2002, at 09:14 PM, Stephen Colebourne wrote:

> One of the items currently slated for possible addition to Lang is low 
> level
> reflection code. Now that Lang is in commons proper, this is the time for
> the discussion.
> The proposal is to add new classes to Lang to assist with low level
> reflection:
> either:
>    ClassUtils
>    MethodUtils
>    ConstructorUtils
>    FieldUtils
> or
>    ReflectionUtils
> The initial code for MethodUtils/ReflectionUtils would be based on the
> [beanutils] MethodUtils class. In fact, once released, the aim would be 
> for
> BeanUtils to become dependent on [lang]. (Strategy is the responsibility 
> of
> [beanutils] but would probably involve deprecation of the old class and
> forwarding the methods)
> Other input to the API would come from [beanutils] bugzilla, [jxpath] and
> any other source.
> The aim of the API is to provide static helper methods to assist with 
> using
> reflection. Previous discussion (from me) about rule based class analysis
> (introspection) is NOT included in this API. That will appear in the 
> sandbox
> once the lang is more complete.
> So, the first step is to get the opinions of other commons projects,
> specifically [beanutils], on the inclusion of reflection utils in [lang].
> Stephen
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