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From Ola Berg <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] char iteration
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 11:29:27 GMT
In several of my projects, there is a common interface called CharIterator (in process of rework,
I think CharStream is a better name). I have it in my io-classes, in my config framework,
in my template engine, but firstmost I have it in my parser framework (a system for building
fast and lightweight parsers using the State pattern and building parsing state machines).

I would like to donate the parser framework, as I think that it would fit as a jakarta-API,
but I think that:

a) the char iteration mechanism should be provided separately and merged with similar efforts,
as it is better to have _one_ single notion of a serial view on character (and byte) sequences
in _all_ jakarta projects. 

b) The concept is low-level and useful in disparate areas, so it should be taken in consideration
as a candidate member of the core family of commons packages, or having the interface published
in some interfaces/patterns package.

What do you think? Is char iteration something for commons-core to deal with (I think it is)?
Can we merge the different jakarta solutions on char (and possibly byte) iteration into one
fruitful concept? 

And a separate and less important question: would a parser helper framework fit? I think it
might, as text parsing is a common task, but I don\'t want to donate something that would
lead to more confusion or less interoperability between the existing jakarta components.


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