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From Bob Herrmann <>
Subject Re: [modeler] good time for a new release?
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2002 15:16:52 GMT
On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 16:38, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> On 16 Aug 2002, Bob Herrmann wrote:
> > Date: 16 Aug 2002 16:20:39 -0400
> > From: Bob Herrmann <>
> > Reply-To: Jakarta Commons Developers List <>
> > To: Jakarta Commons Developers List <>
> > Subject: [modeler] good time for a new release?
> >
> >
> > The last released build for modeler was created in April.  What is
> > involved in creating a new release?  (There is a bug fix in the newer
> > code and I would like to use a release or milestone.)
> >
> That would take a proposal, a release manager, and a call for vote
> (as Glenn recently, and correctly, reminded us :-)

Eee gads, the charter, ,
includes many guidelines.

Packages are treated as separate releasable products?  Is that really
the case?  ie. Rule/Guideline "4. Each package is treated as a product
in its own right. 4.1.  Each package has its own status file, release
schedule, version number, QA tests, documentation, mailing list, bug
category, and individual JAR. "

Humm, I can't really do a proposal as I am not a commiter to Modeler.

Checking the "STATUS.html" shows "Craig McClanahan, Remy Maucherat, Amy
Roh" as commiters - who is the release manager?  (my money goes on

> If the only change were a
> bug fix, calling it 1.0.1 would probably be appropriate -- but IIRC Costin
> checked in some functionality improvements as well. 

Costin, Is version 1.0.1 appropriate, or something higher (based on the
nature of your improvements) ?  FYI, you aren't in the STATUS.html
(Charter guideline 15 says "Each committer has karma to all the
packages, but committers are required to add their name to a package's
status file before their first commit to that package.") 

> It would also be worth checking whether people had any pending enhancement requests or
bug reports.

Humm, bugzilla says "Zarro Boogs found." for "Commons/Modeler."   Does
anyone have any pending enhancement requests?

> > Cheers,
> > -bob
> Craig


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