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From "Ortwin Glück" <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] Dependancy on JSSE
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 09:27:13 GMT
Attached is a patch that isolates HttpClient from It looks a little weird but I can't think of a 
better way. Maybe some of you see a nicer alternative.


P.S. I am on vacation for the next two weeks. So I unsubscribed from the 
mailing lists for that time. Don't expect me to read any follow-ups to 
this posting. However you can contact me directly during the next hour 
(until 12.30 GMDST+1). Bye now.

Jeff Dever wrote:
> I'll have to agree that the ssl runtime dependency should be eliminated for the
> reasons outlined by others on this thread.
> It looks like the dependency was caused by a commit at:
> Tue Jul 23 14:38:31 2002 UTC (9 days, 2 hours ago)
> In a patch contributed by Ortwin and committed by dIon.
> Both HttpClient 1.52 has a new SSLSocketFactory private datamember plus some
> changes in HttpConnection and HttpMultiClient.
> dIon,
> I know that you are working on the HttpClient/HttpMultiClient merger.  See any
> way to keep ssl objects out of the new top level class?  Perhaps pushed down so
> that only HttpConnection is ssl aware and can more easily be protected from
> runtime dependencies?
> Ortwin,
> this is your patch.  Nobody wants to back it out as it represents excellent
> functionality.  Can you see how to isolate the runtime dependency so that ssl is
> only required at compiletime?

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