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From "Ortwin Gl├╝ck" <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] Retriving an unbuffered stream
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 17:50:01 GMT
 > Its not a measure of importance.  Every test is important.  Its just
 > that the knowledge of this aspect of httpclient was dropped on the
 > floor with the recent changeover of core developers in the last few
 > months. In general the webapp tests have not been run simply because
 > they took more effort to setup.
 > However, *ALL* tests must run and pass in httpclient 2.0 to advance to
 > any milestone.

I agree completely.

 > I'm sorry that I have not been as active on this as I would have
 > liked.  The company that I am on contract to (Nortelnetworks) is
 > dumping another 7,000 employees and I'm a little distracted at the
 > moment.

This is more than understandable, Jeff.

 > Odi, I would be extremely appreciative if you could look into the
 > webapp tests.  Several of them are failing in the current branch that
 > are not a result of your unbuffered stream patch.

Okay. I have a local setup of the webapp tests which has worked in the 
past. But I do not use Ant to build, but have a JBuilder WebApp Setup. 
So somebody else will have to fix this Ant config stuff. I can look into 
the code tomorrow. I will incorporate the small patches that were 
submitted today to fix some of the problems and then check for more .

 > I do like your patch and the breakup of the stream types into
 > seperate classes but would like to keep all tests running as well.

Thanks :-) The stream cascade looks nice at first sight but incorporates 
a performance penalty of course (single byte reads operations). Maybe we 
should have some performance measurement before we decide on this 

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