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From micael <>
Subject Re: [logging] Internationalization of log messages
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 17:02:29 GMT
There should be no problem in doing it right the first time, in my mind, 
rather than settling for second best.  The normal, standard, etc. 
architecture for logging needs to be changed to fit more "up-to-date" 
standards of the separation of GUI and logic.  Everyone reading a log 
should be able to read it in their own language in terms of the logging 
design.  That is my two cents worth.  Which is worth two cents.

> > This is the conclusion we have come to @ the Cocoon project.
> > One thing is Logging, another is user information.
> >
>This conclusion assumes that system administrators are not "users" worthy
>of being paid attention to.  Limiting i18n to only the people executing an
>app (versus those installing and maintaining it) is way to narrow for my
>The assumption that everyone in the latter category will be familiar with
>English is totally bogus.
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