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From "Agrawal, Vikram (London)" <>
Subject [Pool] Some thoughts and proposals
Date Sat, 17 Aug 2002 21:00:27 GMT

I have been using the Pool component and also experimenting with it's code
myself, a few suggestions:

1) I would like to see an implementation of the ObjectPool which services
requests in a roundrobin fashion, i.e. the Object returned by the pool is
the one that was least recently activated. The rationale behind this is
that, if the objects being pooled are for e.g. Timer , then the pool would
NOT return the same Timer object again and again and as a result the load of
the various tasks would be evenly distributed amongst the Timers. The
GenericObjectPool provides excellent features and either this feature can be
added to it or the GenericObjectPool can be extened by a

2) GenericObjectPool currently throws NoSuchElementExceptions which in my
view looks misleading in the stack trace as I have always associated them
with Enumerations and the like. I would love to see customized exceptions
being thrown here infact being declared by the ObjectPool interface.

Any comments, suggestions and thoughts ? 



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