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From "Tapan Karecha" <>
Subject RE: [patch] NetComponents - threading issue
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:48:50 GMT
Thanks Daniel for applying the patch. Yes, I did not do the diff against the
latest code. My mistake.

I could not think of a way to unit test this fix. In fact, it took me a
while before I could figure out that the threads were not terminating as
they should. The application that uses FTPClient used to run out of memory
once or twice a week. We saw the hanging threads only when we ran a
profiler. With this fix, we stopped seeing the dangling threads on running
the profiler.

Earlier on the yahoo mailing list, you, Jeff and I discussed the restart
issue with FTPClient. I have a patch to fix this problem (the diff is done
on the latest code this time), for which I shall send a patch in a separate

- Tapan.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daniel F. Savarese []
> Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 10:26 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [patch] NetComponents - threading
> issue
> "Tapan Karecha" <> wrote:
> >While using NetComponents library on HP-UX 11i platform,
> even after calling
> >close() on FTPClient object, the TelnetInputStream thread
> does not always
> >terminate; and blocks on wait() for ever. The patch below
> addresses this
> >issue. I've tested this fix on Windows and HP-UX and found it OK. Can
> >someone apply this patch? Thanks!!
> The patch doesn't seem to be generated against what's in
> jakarta-commons-sandbox/net so I can't apply it directly.
> In the future, the telnet package should probably disappear
> (unless anyone wants to make it more useful) and the telnet
> conversation code needed for FTP handled in a single thread, but
> that's another story.  We're stuck with my imperfect original
> implementation for the time being.
> In the patch, making __hasReachedEOF and __isClosed volatile
> doesn't do
> anything.  Those are not static variables.  Changing the notify() to
> notifyAll() in run() still leaves you at the mercy of the thread
> scheduler.  The real key is probably the __queue.wait(100).  Anyway,
> my point is that I don't think all of your changes are necessary to
> address the problem.  Nonetheless, I preserved almost all of
> your changes
> and inserted the code by hand.  Ultimately, there's probably
> a problem with
> setting the thread priority in _start(), which in theory you shouldn't
> have to do, but it was the only way to get this approach to work with
> green threads and other user-space thread implementations such as
> the one in the original MacOS 8 JDK.
> Please do a checkout of the jakarta-commons-sandbox/net code and
> try that out in your environment.  Also, it would be appreciated
> if you submitted a unit test that would expose the problem you
> ran into so we can include that as a regression test.  As Jeff
> indicated, we don't want to make anything other than very small
> maintenance changes to the code right now, so I think we should
> avoid making any fixes that can't be verfied with a corresponding
> unit test.
> daniel
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